In 2013, we elected to obtain our USDA organic certification.  We’ve always followed the organic practices and principles, but the certification guarantees to the consumer that we are actually following the National Organic Standards.  This certification allows us to legally use the both the term “organic” and the USDA organic logo on all our products.  Our certification is only reissued each year following an inspection by a representative of the Oklahoma Department of Food, Forestry, and Agriculture (our chosen certifier; sadly, the State of Missouri does not have a certification program). 

Not only do the organic standards outline what types of management practices are allowed, but they also establish a full-circle farming system which ensures not only are consumers protected, but also the farmer, the soil, and all the good organisms on our farm.  Healthy soils produce better crops that are better able to manage themselves against weeds, pests, and disease.  We utilize best practices for every action we take to improve our soil and our farm for the future.  Our first line of defense against pests is exclusion which means most of our crops are grown under cover, either in a high tunnel, caterpillar tunnel, or under row cover.  These tools also help us extend our growing season which means fresh greens in January!

We believe consumers deserve the choice to feed their families the best food possible.  When shopping, local or organic is better; local AND organic – best.